Sunday, July 30, 2006


Images flashing in my head
The painful memories that have no end
Not a day goes by without the momories flooding my mind.
All the wispers in my ear,
All the touching,
The force of someone much older
Tears rolling down my face
How I hurt so.
His face then embeded in my head.
Years have gone.
I can still see his face.
Life's lived on.
Happy now, it's been so long
Hurt still there
Pain like no other
I live.
With strength,
And friends,
I live.
By: Jenessa Fisk

With Silent Tears, I Think

With Silent Tears, I Think
Silent tears streaming down my face
my mind in outer space.
Thinking of what was said,
The possibilities.
The answers I don't know how to find.
The reassurrance I know I need,
Asking this from others seems all too much for me.
Twiddling my pen through my fingers all I can think about are many bad memories that don't disinegrate t0 dust but lock themselves up in the back of my mind as if in a hiding place ready to pop out at me.
Not making sense of the conversations had but pondering them in my thoughts.
Future, past, present.....all of them in each conversation.
I know in the end I won't remember the bad memories but the silly stories,
The funny references,
The great laughs,
And the greatness of our friendship.
By: Jenessa Fisk