Friday, February 29, 2008

Hearing Him

Hearing Him

Days of chaos
Never-ending noise

On days like these I become isolated
Put myself in a place with no sound
Attempting to hear Him just once

My mind yearns for His words
As I drift into a noiseless place
I see Him talking

Slowly I begin to understand
Listening to Him whisper sweet words
Telling me my world shall remain solid

My Rock
My Solid Ground
Lifts me up and holds me in his arms

Still hearing His whispers in my ear
I lay to rest this mind I have
And fall asleep His hands in mine
-By: Jenny Fisk-

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Day by day
Moment by moment
I know him more
I find more of me

With time going by
Moments and memories passing by
Only one will never be forgotten

Time spent with God
Making peace and listening to him

Hearing every musical note played
your words come to me Lord.

Over days time
My appearance changes that much more
Over a days time
The love for God grows deeper in my heart

Healing my wounds
My heart is whole only by his hands
Only by his touch am I truly found and healed

All enemies are gone
All my soul is for him and him alone
I am truly one that's loved.

-By: Jenny Fisk-

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Open Spaces

Open Spaces
Open Spaces
Open Time
In a flower filled field

Kids picking flowers in front of me.
I'm in awe of the beauty of the world.
The preciousness I see day in and out is
The only thing that I think about.

Hearing of every thing bad
I never know what to think
But to think of beauty that
I've lived, what I've seen,
What my life will turn out to be.

Years from now as I look out a window
I see my own kids picking flowers in the yard.
Still seeing the beauty of the world
And the preciousness of each day.

In open spaces
With no more time to spare
I leave the flower filled field
And go back into reality.
By: Jenny Fisk

Thursday, December 07, 2006

All Words

All Words
Hurtful words that have a mind or their own,
walk straight through my mind,
never entering my heart, I give words thought then toss them out.

My happiness is all that counts
but loving arms, I long to have.
Many people that I miss I hope to see until the very end.
For I know of where they are in my heart
but I long to know even more.
By: Jenny Fisk

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Ever Changing World.

My Ever Changing World
Living in a world where my whole heart is unknown.
Filling my head with lies unimaginable for the human ear to hear.
Slowly tearing my hope away with unecssary words from my own mouth everyday.
Taking each day slow but surely I keep moving.
Making wrong turns, left and right, effecting my entire life as it is.
Peoples love that's never ending towards me somehow goes unnoticed somedays.
This day and that I never know what each one holds.
None may know how deep this unhappiness may fall in my heart.
How great is this life here on Earth? You never know if you're going to turnout depressed for life or happy for lifes' long last.
I know there'll be ups and downs but at least a speck of happiness is always found.
Beautiful music in my ears, I lay to rest my tearful thoughts and sounds.
-By: Jenessa Fisk

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Images flashing in my head
The painful memories that have no end
Not a day goes by without the momories flooding my mind.
All the wispers in my ear,
All the touching,
The force of someone much older
Tears rolling down my face
How I hurt so.
His face then embeded in my head.
Years have gone.
I can still see his face.
Life's lived on.
Happy now, it's been so long
Hurt still there
Pain like no other
I live.
With strength,
And friends,
I live.
By: Jenessa Fisk

With Silent Tears, I Think

With Silent Tears, I Think
Silent tears streaming down my face
my mind in outer space.
Thinking of what was said,
The possibilities.
The answers I don't know how to find.
The reassurrance I know I need,
Asking this from others seems all too much for me.
Twiddling my pen through my fingers all I can think about are many bad memories that don't disinegrate t0 dust but lock themselves up in the back of my mind as if in a hiding place ready to pop out at me.
Not making sense of the conversations had but pondering them in my thoughts.
Future, past, present.....all of them in each conversation.
I know in the end I won't remember the bad memories but the silly stories,
The funny references,
The great laughs,
And the greatness of our friendship.
By: Jenessa Fisk

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer On Mind

Summer On Mind
Once upon a time
A fairy tale rhyme
If only real life could be as this
Taken into a fairy tale by my own minds imagining,
Wondering if I'll ever come out

Blue trees an
d purple skies
As if taken right out of a Dr. Seuss book
Flying is there always
It only seems a dream
The pinching truth says it's no dream at all
It's my reality world

Excited for life to happen
My journeys just begun
Lifes wonders ready to come out
Only wondering what shall happen
What shall I do?
Sweet Great Memories
Summers come and all this above shall become.
-By: Jenessa Fisk (Me)