Sunday, July 30, 2006


Images flashing in my head
The painful memories that have no end
Not a day goes by without the momories flooding my mind.
All the wispers in my ear,
All the touching,
The force of someone much older
Tears rolling down my face
How I hurt so.
His face then embeded in my head.
Years have gone.
I can still see his face.
Life's lived on.
Happy now, it's been so long
Hurt still there
Pain like no other
I live.
With strength,
And friends,
I live.
By: Jenessa Fisk


Anonymous said...


OMG Jenni! you poem is so sad.. but really good.. i know how that person in your poem feels! believe me, and your poem speaks the truth.

Trayc said...

What a beautiful poem, Jen ~ I love that last part,it says it all, doesn't it...

"I live...I live."

You are a beautiful ALIVE woman of God, Jen! What a blessing it is to know not why we go through what we go through, but to know He can use all we've been through to further His Kingdom.

Love you, girly!