Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Ever Changing World.

My Ever Changing World
Living in a world where my whole heart is unknown.
Filling my head with lies unimaginable for the human ear to hear.
Slowly tearing my hope away with unecssary words from my own mouth everyday.
Taking each day slow but surely I keep moving.
Making wrong turns, left and right, effecting my entire life as it is.
Peoples love that's never ending towards me somehow goes unnoticed somedays.
This day and that I never know what each one holds.
None may know how deep this unhappiness may fall in my heart.
How great is this life here on Earth? You never know if you're going to turnout depressed for life or happy for lifes' long last.
I know there'll be ups and downs but at least a speck of happiness is always found.
Beautiful music in my ears, I lay to rest my tearful thoughts and sounds.
-By: Jenessa Fisk

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